Deploying services across multiple ports

vkumarvkumar Posts: 29

Dear team ,

We have a default port where we are deploying the virtual services to the server. Each pva will differ by their base path.

Is there any way visualize server can listen on multiple ports to deploy services with different ports.


  • williammccuskerwilliammccusker Posts: 445 ✭✭✭

    Virtualize can be configured to listen on multiple ports. This can be done by editing the server.xml file. The embedded server is tomcat so just add addition connectors for the extra ports you want to listen on.

    if you are using the desktop it can be found here [Virtualize install dir]/eclipse/plugins/com.parasoft.xtest.libs.web_[Virtualize_ver]/root/tomcat/conf/server.xml

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