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Parasoft Virtualize Community Edition - "How to" Webinar pt1 - 3/7/2017

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Hi Everyone,
Next week we are going to do a “How to” webinar for Parasoft Virtualize Community Edition.
During this webinar, you will learn how to create and deploy the virtual assets presented during the Community Edition Launch Webinar previously done on 2/14/2017.
·         Setup your license and get the latest updates.
·         Create a simple mock/stub from an example payload (example: REST/JSON)
·         Parameterized asset with a CSV/XLS data source using softlogic
·         Control simple performance characteristics of the asset
·         Create a virtual asset from traffic (example: SOAP/XML)
·         Deploy the asset to a shared server (in Azure)
Please register for Parasoft Virtualize Community Edition - "How to" Webinar on Mar 07, 2017 10:00 AM PST at:

NOTE: this session will be recorded and reposted here.


Mark L

Mark Lambert - Vice President of Products
Parasoft – Perfecting Software


  • andreler
    andreler Posts: 1

    Hello Mark,

    I was unfortunately not able to attend the webinar. Is it possible to watch it afterwards, as it was initially planned?

    I am really interested in knowing more about the Virtualize solution. I am currently evaluating if it could be an interesting solution for us and our needs.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Everyone, Thanks for joining last week - here is the summary from the Q&A session …

    Is the session recorded?:

    • Yes, recording of the video is available here
    • Are the slides available? Yes, the slides are attached to this post
    • What are the licensing options for Parasoft Virtualize?: To see different licensing options check out and click on ‘pricing and plans’
    • What is the GitHub URL for the Parabank demo application?:
    • Why do I see a Proxy message in the Events Viewer? This is because both the ‘Virtual Asset’ and the ‘Message Proxy’ are being monitored. You can see what is being monitored by looking for the ‘magnifying glass’ icon.
    • Where is the blog post?: also watch the blog for new posts on Service Virtualization
    • How does Virtualize identify which columns to use in the XLS when doing data source correlation or parameterizing performance timings?: Virtualize uses the first row in the CSV/XLS to name the column and that is used in the Parameterized pull-down within the UI

    We are going to be doing part 2 in two weeks ... watch for a second forum post with details.


    Mark L