How to install Virtualize Community Edition

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Hi everyone,

I am making this forum post to help out new users install Virtualize Community Edition on Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Windows (UI installation):

  1. After downloading the installer linked from the initial email, execute the exe by double-clicking on the .exe file.

  2. Click run on the popup that appears.

  3. Choose your language for installation.

  4. Click Next, then read through the End User License Agreement, then accept the agreement.

  5. Select your installation directory, the default being
    C:\Program Files\Parasfot\SOAtest & Virtualize\9.10

  6. Choose Full installation. When only using Community Edition, the pydev option is not necessary.

  7. Setup the location for the program's shortcuts, defaulted to
    Parasoft\SOATest & Virtualize\9.10

  8. If you wish, install the Root CA for https functional tests.
    Note: This is only necessary for SOAtest functionality, not for Virtualize Community Edition.

  9. If you wish, install a Desktop icon or quick launch icon.

  10. Click install. Once the installation is finished, click Finish.

Mac/Linux (Terminal installation):

  1. Open up your terminal and navigate into the Downloads folder.

  2. Unpackage the download with
    tar zxvf parasoft_soavirt_9.10.1_linux_x86_64.tar.gz

  3. Run the installer with

  4. Choose your installation language.

  5. Enter in an installation location. The recommended installation location is /home/<user>/parasoft/soatest_virtualize/9.10

  6. After the installation finishes, read through the additional information for starting up Virtualize from the command line. Once you have finished, press Enter.

Hope this helps!



  • SnehaRedySnehaRedy Posts: 1

    Hello Thomas, Your Post helped me a lot Thank You.......

  • satvermasatverma Posts: 3

    I am using windows 10 and while installation I am hitting Runtime Error (at 71:107). What could be the reason?

  • jakubiakjakubiak Posts: 738 admin

    Could you include a screenshot or the exact error message you are seeing?

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