Virtualize Community Edition

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With the release of Virtualize Community Edition below are some frequently asked questions:
Please refer to this video for exact instructions on how to obtain and validate you license


  • Didn't not receive a download link

    • Check your spam folder for email with download link. If your email is not in the spam folder after 10 minutes contact [email protected]
  • Community License is not being validated

    • If you see the message below it indicates that the email address you provided is invalid. Please make sure you are using the same email you registered with
  • Community License not available

  • Number of licensed hits have been exceeded error

    • Virtualize CE supports 11k hits a day. If you are receiving the error it means you have reached your max. Please wait infill tomorrow to continue. You should also consider using the paid edition with unlimited hits
    • If you are still having issues please contact [email protected]
  • If you have any questions on using the tool please use the Virtualize subcategory of the forum and tag with 'community edition'

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