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sansachie Posts: 26

can someone tell how to validate(assertion of) the databanked value 0.28545 when we are getting .28545 in the response.


  • NHawk
    NHawk Posts: 9 admin

    If you would like to use a past value that was Data Banked later on in your test to use in an assertion then:

    1. Go to your Data Bank and extract the element you would like to compare against a element in a later response.
    2. Next double click the extracted element to open up the Modify Selected XPath Settings dialog box
    3. Go to the Data Source Column section and select the Custom column name radio button and put your desired variable name for the value.
    4. Then in the expected value section of your assertion select parameterized and then enter ${VariableNameOfDesiredDataBankedValue} in the text box.

    This will compare the Data Banked value to the response value selected in the assertion.