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NikhithaNikhitha Posts: 4
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Why are my files getting skipped and not checked while testing with the rules?
Coding standards 1/21 Skipped:21
Failed Runs:0
Violations found: 0
Number of Rules violated:0]


  • Kevin AliKevin Ali Posts: 22 admin

    What version of C++ test are you using

    Where you able to run static analysis on our example project?
    Did you generate a BDF for this project?

  • NikhithaNikhitha Posts: 4

    Hello Kevin,
    Thanks for replying.

    Version is 9.6.
    Yes it worked fine with a different project.
    But skipping files from this new project which I am trying to use it on.

    The above project was created using xilinx SDK and we are trying to import it to eclipse and check the rules.
    Any idea why the above issue? what are the reasons the files might get skipped?.

  • Kevin AliKevin Ali Posts: 22 admin

    Sorry for the delay, for the project that is currently having issue have you created a BDF for the file?

    Are you running C++ test through CLI or through a GUI?

    The main cause for projects/file being skipped is that a BDF was not created.
    If you are importing the file from a make file try creating the BDF with it.

    Thank you
    Kevin ali

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