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SkarbSkarb Posts: 1

My build command, under Windows, use several different compilers toolchains (gcc, ARM, Microsoft VS), building several different components at once. I would like to collect traced commands only from particular compiler toolchain using cpptesttrace tool.

The cpptesttrace trace/collect data from all toolchains (predefined internally) in generated .bdf file, if run without any modifying options.

The --cpptesttraceTraceCommand option should help to define only particular traced commands/tools. For example if run on Windows command line (example from batch script):

cpptesttrace.exe --cpptesttraceTraceCommand=armcc\.exe$ ninja %*

collect only all armcc compiler usage, executed during ninja run, in generated .bdf file.

What is the syntax for define more that one tool using --cpptesttraceTraceCommand option, on Windows commandline? I need to trace armcc and armlink together. The hints on help message are not so clear. I have tested several combinations using | ' " () \ characters but without success. The experiments with setting environment variable CPPTEST_SCAN_TRACE_COMMAND fails in the similar way.


  • jespinozajespinoza Posts: 1

    Hello Skarb can you please use the following:

    How to trace multiple executables with --cpptesttraceTraceCommand

    • where each exe can be a regular expressions
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