matching an endpoint with a proxy or virtual asset

I think the easiest way to match an endpoint with a proxy or virtual asset would be to open a browser and hit the server with no endpoint. For instance if I were hitting my server to see the enabled virtual assets or enabled proxies I would use http://localhost:9080/ and that would list the enabled virtual assets and proxies. You could then copy that list into a document and search for your endpoint.

The people supplying the endpoint will probably give you the whole endpoint. The displayed list will only show the endpoint of the specific virtual asset or proxy, and not include the server information.

Enabled virtual assets:
Training: /virtual/Training


If the virtual asset or proxy you are looking for is not enabled, then it will not show up in the list. And you will likely have to search the .pmpdd and .pvadd files in the VirtualAssets folder for the endpoint. Be careful if you choose to do this.

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