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Start SOAtest as a windows service

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In some cases it is useful to start SOAtest automatically or as part of a recovery process. Virtualize and CTP are web applications and can be run as a tomcat service. at this time SOAtest needs to be started manually. In this post I will demonstrate how to launch SOAtestas a windows service

Install SOAtest as a Windows service

  • Download NSSM
  • Put it in the Parasoft top level directory
  • edit Path, add C:\Program Files\Parasoft\
  • Launch SOAtest
    • Create a workspace (C:\parasoft\workspaces\myWorkspace
    • Create SOAtest project "TestAssets" project
    • Configure license
    • Configure CTP connection
    • Validate that your SOAtest shows up in CTP
    • Generate a localsettings file
  • Close SOAtest
  • Go to CMD as administrator
    • type nssm install ParasoftSOAtestService
    • Path: SOAtestcli executable
    • Startup Directory: same as above
    • Arguments: startServer -data C:\parasoft\workspaces\myWorkspace -localsettings C:\"PATH_TO_LOCALSETTINGS"
    • Click InstallService

Start the service

  • Start Menu > Administrative tools > Services
  • Find ParasoftSOAtestService
  • Right Click on the service > Start
  • Optional, set Recovery to Restart on failure

Verify SOAtest has started

  • Go into CTP
  • Navigate to APITesting > SOAtest Servers
  • Verify your SOAtest Server is present and Online