Unable to start Development Testing Platform due to "PST_HOME is not set."

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If you are seeing the following output:

This occurs because when Development Testing Platform is installed it creates a hidden file in the User's Home directory called ".pstrc_${HOSTNAME}" which stores two environment variables needed for Development Testing Platform to start the services. Some probable causes of this behavior could include the following:

  1. The installation directory of Development Testing platform moved to a place with new directory structure.
  2. The Hostname of the machine was renamed
  3. Something abnormal occurred in the installation process.

To resolve this behavior you can do the following:

  1. Rename the file ".pstrc_${HOSTNAME}" to the correct User Home directory name. For example, if we have the file ".pstrc_foo" in the "foo" home directory and we need to change it to the user "bar" Home direcory, the ".pstrc_foo" file name would be changed to ".pstrc_bar"
  2. Open the file ".pstrc_${HOSTNAME}" and update the PATH to where the new installation of Development Testing Platform is installed to.
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