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"Error: CERT_HAS_EXPIRED" error message within DTP Server

Billy McMullin
Billy McMullin Posts: 64 admin

This issue was encountered while working with DTP Server version 5.1.2
If the following message appears in the Node.exe screen on start up:

Error getting project list from DTP: localhost { [Error: CERT_HAS_EXPIRED]
{ domain: null,
_events: [Object],
_maxListeners: 10,
options: [Object] } },
isOperational: true,
{ domain: null,
_events: { error: [Function] },
_maxListeners: 10,
{ host: 'localhost',
port: '8443',
path: '/grs/api/v1/projects',
auth: 'admin:admin',
method: 'GET' } } }

The solution is to generate a self-signed certificate and install it to the Tomcat server inside DTP. The reason for this is that the REST API in DTP is only available over HTTPS. If the above does not resolve the behavior then write the following line in the console before you run the startup.bat file:


That will allow Policy Center to trust your self-signed certificate.

DTP User's Guide: Running Development Testing Platform Under SSL
How-To for Tomcat: