Filtering violations with PIE that are marked "Do Not Show" in DTP

Billy McMullinBilly McMullin Posts: 62 admin

When you mark a violation in DTP as "Do Not Show", this tells DTP to not show the violation in DTP's Widgets, reports, or in the Prioritization View. The DTP Engines will still report the violations for DTP reports to hide it from you and will publish the results as reoccurring violations.

When using PIE to perform logic on the published results, the violations that are published will be processed through PIE. If the violation was marked as "Do No Show", PIE will include these violations because the DTP Event Broker doesn't process "Do Not Show" as a suppression.

In future release of PIE Slice Designer, it will be correctly suppressed but for 1.1.x releases, please use Violation Filter to filter out "Do not show" violations.

In order for PIE to exclude these violations marked as "Do Not Show", you need to add a "Violation Filter" to the PIE slice and then configured to filter the value of "Do Not Show." The screen shot below is an example of what it will look like in PIE as well as what the Violation filter should be configured to.

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