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how to generate Loadtest logs for Support

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If there is unexplained behavior in Loadtest, we can generate a debug log before contacting Support to reduce emails going back and forth and thus the total time taken resolve the problem.

To generate a debug log for Loadtest, please launch Loadtest with the following argument on command line.

[SOAtest installation directory]/lt.exe -J-verbose >log.txt

When Loadtest is started, please perform the same steps that will reproduce the problem.

Exit Loadtest when the problem is reproduced and then please contact support with the generated log.txt.


  • benken_parasoft
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    edited March 2017

    Please do this instead:
    lt -J-Dcom.parasoft.xtest.logging.config.jar.file=/com/parasoft/xtest/logging/log4j/config/logging.on.xml -logex > log.txt 2>&1


    • Any JVM arguments, which are arguments to Java itself and not the Parasoft application, are always prefixed with -J.

    • 2>&1 at the very end of the command redirects STDERR to STDOUT. This makes sure that all messages are captured. It is important this is at the very end of the command, after the "> log.txt".

    • "com.parasoft.xtest.logging.config.jar.file" is a Java System property recognized by the application to configure the logging. In this case, the logging.on.xml configures all Parasoft logging messages to be dumped to the console (STDOUT/STDERR).

    • -logex enables some legacy logging configuration that in some cases may produce additional messages to be logged.

    • The -verbose JVM argument "Displays information about each class loaded". Generally, you don't want to pass this because we normally want the logs from Load Test and not the JVM. However, you may only consider adding this if for some reason Load Test isn't starting at all and you need more information from the JVM to help explain why.

  • benken_parasoft
    benken_parasoft Posts: 1,224 ✭✭✭

    In recent releases, "logging.on.xml" is now "verbose.console.xml".