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How to change the severity of a static analysis rule

Billy McMullin
Billy McMullin Posts: 64 admin

Changing the severity of a static analysis rule:

  1. Open the Test Configuration window from Parasoft > Test Configurations
  2. Select any Test Configurations in the right-hand pane, and go to the Static > Rule Tree tab. Find the id of the rule you want to edit. The id is at the end of the string in the square brackets -- the last number in the name represents the current severity of the rule and is not part of the id. (ex CDD-001)
  3. Select the Edit Rulemap button.

  4. In the Edit Rulemap File window, create a new row with the New button. Add the rule id to the Original Id column, and use the drop-down under the Severity column to pick the new severity.

  5. When you are done, save your changes and go back to the Test Configuration window. Notice that the severity of the rule has now changed.


Please note that this change will affect ALL the test configurations in this workspace. This means all your Static Analysis rule-set will be subject to the rule's new severity. Because of this fact, the recommended workflow suggests that only the team lead/project architect makes the final decision on the rule severities and shares this decision with the rest of the team via the Team Server. Please see the Solution for sharing rule mappings for more details. This will work on C/C++test and Jtest as well.