What are my permissions in CTP?

Thomas MooreThomas Moore Posts: 82 admin
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Hi everyone! Some users of CTP may notice that they do not have permission to take certain actions in their browser. Here is a short explanation of the three access roles in CTP and what they mean for you.


System is the most basic of the user permissions within CTP. This permission allows a user to create, modify, provision, and delete certain resources, and allows read access to all other resources.


Provision is the next user permission above System. This user role has all of the roles of the System user, plus a couple more user rights. Provision access allows a user to perform the provision action against different environments and systems, which will change endpoints of proxies, enable/disable virtual assets, and other options that are set within the individual environment. Additionally, this role allows the user to deploy virtual assets to the Virtualize servers, provided they are connected to CTP.


Administration is the highest user role allowed in CTP. In addition to the abilities of System and Provision users, the admin role also allows users to make other changes as well. Admin users have the ability to access the Administration tab, where they can alter the database configuration, view users/user groups, and edit permissions for different individual resources in CTP, as well as a few other options.

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