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Jtest bitness error during VM Initialization

Kevin Ali
Kevin Ali Posts: 22 admin


When the user tries to load Jtest they get an error message about initializing the VM. This error points to eclipse files, dll's of one bitness, and an OS of another bitness. This reveals that the problem is a bitness conflict between the various resources. The solution is to make sure that all applications are workign with the same bit-size and that your JRE is set to the correct bitness.


If you're seeing references to both 32-bit and 64-bit resources then your first step will be to make sure all your applications are working with the same bit-size. For example: If you're trying to run a 64-bit application, make sure your Eclipse is 64-bit, that your JRE/JDK is 64-bit, and that your Jtest plug-in is 64-bit.

Second, make sure that your Eclipse is set to use the JRE of the right bitness. You can check this by going to "Window" on the Eclipse toolbar, then select "Preferences"-->"Install JREs" and review which JRE your Eclipse is pointing to. Make sure it's pointing to the JRE of the correct bitness and you're set.