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Forum Etiquette


These recommendations for conduct are provided to complement the Terms of Use for the Parasoft Community Forum. Violating these guidelines should not get your message cancelled, but may decrease the likelihood that you will receive a reply from other members of the community.

Stay on topic. When you post a reply to a message make sure that the subject line describes the contents of your message. This will help other users determine whether your message or thread has information of interest to them. For off-topic messages or replies that stray and may not be relevant to other readers, please use email instead. Keep quoted text to a minimum. When you do quote a previous post, remove the irrelevant text from the message, including signatures. Write conservatively, read forgivingly. Text messages can be prone to misunderstanding because it can be difficult to guess the writer’s intent. It’s best to be conservative with sarcasm when writing, and assume good intent when reading. Be sure to check where you’re posting your message before you send. Since it’s possible to email other users or post messages in the forum, be sure that you’ve selected the choice you intended when writing the message.