Updating CTP with a Windows Batch script

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This is a simple script that will allow us to update the Continuous Testing Platform when a new WAR is released

SET UPDATE_FOLDER=c:\parasoft\update\CTPbackups
SET NEW_CTP_WAR=C:\Downloads\em.war

REM Adjust path to 7Zip program as needed below
set THE_ZIP="c:\program files\7-zip\7z.exe"

echo shutting down CTP...
cd %CTP_LOCATION%\bin\
call shutdown.bat

rem wait 20 seconds for CTP to shutdown 
PING -n 1 -w 20000 >NUL

echo copying files...
Xcopy /Y %CTP_LOCATION%\hsqldb %UPDATE_FOLDER%\hsqldb\ /S
copy /Y %CTP_LOCATION%\webapps\em\config\db_config.xml %UPDATE_FOLDER%
copy /Y %CTP_LOCATION%\webapps\em\license %UPDATE_FOLDER%
copy /Y %CTP_LOCATION%\webapps\em.war %UPDATE_FOLDER%

echo removing old CTP...
move /Y "%CTP_LOCATION%\webapps\em" %UPDATE_FOLDER%
del %CTP_LOCATION%\webapps\em.war
pause 10

echo expanding the em.war into tomcats webapps
%THE_ZIP% x %NEW_CTP_WAR% -y -o%CTP_LOCATION%\webapps\em

echo bringing old config files back in
copy /Y %UPDATE_FOLDER%\db_config.xml %CTP_LOCATION%\webapps\em\config\db_config.xml
copy /Y %UPDATE_FOLDER%\license %CTP_LOCATION%\webapps\em\license

echo backup complete...
cd c:/parasoft

rem if you want to restart CTP after, uncomment this line
rem call startCTP.bat


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    Additionally I will supply the startCTP.bat script. This starts CTP and Logs to a Virtualize workspace so that the logs show up in CTP.

    SET LOG_LOCATION=C:\parasoft\workspace\VirtualAssets\logs\CTPlogs
    cd C:\parasoft\CTP\bin
    catalina.bat run > %LOG_LOCATION%\CTP.out 2>&1

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