Unable to uninstall Parasoft Test 9.5 after uninstalling C++Test 9.5

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uninstall issue
I've had Parasoft test 9.5, C++Test 9.5 and dotTest C++ 9.5 installed and using them from VS 2013. We are upgrading to version 9.6 so I uninstalled dotTest, then C++Test. But when I try to uninstall Parasoft Test I get an error message "Cannot unregister Parasoft Test from Visual Studio 2013 because other installed products depend on it. Please uninstall Parasoft C++test and try again." I've rebooted and tried to uninstall it again, but same problem. I've already uninstalled C++test. VS 2013 is not running; it does not think I have the C++Test installed nor does my control panel programs think I have C++test installed. I did get a funky empty dialog box when I started the C++test uninstall - I just hit OK and the uninstall seemed to proceed without any other issues.

There are several registry keys that haven't been removed by the C++test - one that looks suspicious is
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Parasoft\Test for Visual Studio\9.0\VS2013]

Is this preventing me from uninstalling Parasoft Test?


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    I'll reply to my own post. Deleting that registry key finally allowed me to uninstall Parasoft Test.
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