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is there an anticipated release date for a version that supports visual studio 2012 integration?
Thank you


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    Hi Medent,

    Yes, in fact, Insure++ version 7.4.3, (recently released), does support integration in VS 2012.

  • pratikthakkar91pratikthakkar91 Posts: 2

    OS - MICROSOFT windows 2012 server R2
    Framework - x64
    Insure++ version - 7.5

    I am using a sample project which is having code for memory overrun in visual c++.
    I am able to detect the same error using insure++ in debug build of the project.
    But I am not able to detect the error in release build.
    Kindly assist on the same if possible as soon as possible.

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    Insure++ is a debugger. It depends on the debug build, (or at least the debugging symbols.) If you look at the log files you can clearly see this message while compiling in Release modes:

    WARNING: no debugging flags detected!! Insure++ may not function properly

    If you must run Insure++ against your release build, then simply modify the Release configuration to add debugging information. (On Microsoft platforms, that's "/Zi", on linux it would be "-g".)

  • pratikthakkar91pratikthakkar91 Posts: 2

    Debugging information already added "/Zi option". Still not working. Is there any other setting i can tweak or configuration changes which i can make.

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