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Can one test script use two separate data sources?

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Is is possible to use 2 data sources in 1 test script?

I am comparing an excel workbook with 7 worksheets using the DBTool. Each worksheet represents a test case.

The issue is the SQL that is being used to generate the excel workbook is using &Date and &SSN which are referenced on the first worksheet of the excel workbook. &SSN is part of the results for each worksheet so referencing &SSN is can be pulled from each worksheet.

The &Date is only reference on the First worksheet but is needed to run the SQL in the DBTool script.

The same SQL is being used in the DBTool to compare the results after a BATCH cycle, but I am only able to reference &SSN since this is part of the results for each worksheet in the excel workbook. The DB script is referencing the specific worksheet that contains various values and the SSN.

How can I also Reference &Date if this is only found on 1 worksheet of the excel workbook?