Detailed Report Generation

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Detailed Report Generation in PASS/FAIL condition

SOAtest is generating very simple report when the test cases passed like below

Name Failed Tests Successful Tests Total Tests Success %
Example.tst 0 2249 2249 100%

But when test cases fail it generates detailed report of what test cased executed and where it failed so can I generate a detail report even when test cases passed(as to what test cases have run with number and names)?


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    Hi SOATest,

    Once the report & publish dialog window opens click the Preferences button.

    In Preferences,

    Ensure that the Report Contents > Only tests that failed is unchecked.

    Uncheck the box for Only top-level test suits

    Click apply

    When your Report is generated the individual tests will be listed under the parent test suite.

    If you require assistance on this or any other forum posts please contact support directly at [email protected]
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    Thanks Chris
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