Add reference to Global DB Tool?

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I am facing issues while adding a Reference to DB Tool.

I am not able to add output to the "Reference to DB Tool".

Here are the steps:
1. Created a DB Tool under Global Tool.
2. added xml data bank to this DB tool.
3. Created a new test and added reference of this DB Tool
- now i am not able to see Traffic and xml data bank under this client.

Please let me know, if this is a known issue or am I doing something wrong.

SOAtest version : 9.0.18

Attaching the test file for reference.



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    Dear Ashwin,

    The Attached output does not disappear when you reference a .tst with a DB tool instead of a global DB tool. You can do this by:

    Creating a .tst file, then adding a DB tool with the settings and output you need.
    Next, in the test where you need the DB Tool, click add new>Test Suite> Reference .tst file, and refer to the .tst file with the DB tool in it.

    That way you can modify the test in one place, and the changes will apply to all the tests you have referenced to it.

    If you need any more help setting this up, or have any more questions, feel free to ask.

    -Baxter Campbell
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    Hi Baxter,

    The solution what you provided has worked perfect.

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