Access incoming request xml in stubs

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We have the below requirement.
We are using SOATest as the stub server environment. When a stub is invoked by the webservice client the stub should read a specific value in the request xml (SOAP message) and populate the response element with the request value.
How can we implement this intellegence into the Stub?
Please help


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    Hello Prashant,

    I would be happy to help out.

    In order to read a specific value in the incoming request XML, you can create an XML Data Bank chained in the stub server itself. With it you will be able to see every XML value in the request, be able to extract a specific value, and put it in a table with a variable name that the rest of the stub can use. The stub can then create a response with that parametrized value by using its name in the table, so that every response will contain the input element.

    In the help document for SOATest, you can look up the XML Data Bank in Parasoft SOAtest User's Guide > Reference > Available Tools > XML Tools > XML Databank. If you also need more help with the stub server response, you can go to Parasoft SOAtest User's Guide > SOAtest Tutorial > Creating and Deploying Stubs > Creating Stubs for an Application that Does Not Exist Yet. If you need any more help, or you figure out the solution, feel free to make another post so I know.

    Best Regards
    -Baxter Campbell
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