Restoring Team Server Test Configurations

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In those unlucky circumstances that things go bad
Should you find yourself with a test configuration stored in Team Server that's either gone missing, corrupt, or badly modified in some way, here's a few simple steps to get you back on your feet again:

If you have the desired test configuration files already exported to your local machine, skip ahead to step 9. Otherwise, continue to step 2 to retrieve the test configuration in your Concerto backup.

1) Locate the Concerto backup. For those that followed the Concerto backup instructions for Windows, the default location would be C:tmpbackup. For Linux users that performed an automatic backup, this would be the concertoYYMMDD_HHmmSS/ directory, where YYMMDD_HHmmSS would be the date and time that the backup was created.
2) Within the backup, locate the tcm/storage/root directory.
3) If Anonymous Login for Team Server was enabled for the backup Concerto and the desired test configuration was not tied to any Team Server account, then skip to step 5. If not, then move down into the usr directory.
4) In the usr directory, move into the directory that is named after the Team Server account that contains the test configuration.
5) There should be several directories named after the Parasoft Test product that the Team Server account was associated with (jtest for Parasoft Jtest, soatest for Parasoft SOAtest, c++test for Parasoft C++test and so on). Go into the directory that is named after the product that the test configuration was created for.
6) Go into the configs directory.
7) All of the team test configurations created for the product should be stored here as a properties file. Identify the desired test configuration file, then copy that into a location so that it is easily retrieveable from your local machine.
8) Repeat steps 3 to 7 for each test configuration that you wish to restore.
9) Start your Parasoft Test GUI client.
10) Once the GUI is available, go to the Parasoft menu and select Preferences...
11) In the Preferences window, select the Team Server option. If necessary, set the login properties to Team Server. Once the login information is entered, press the Test Connection button to validate the connection. Make sure that the connection test is successful before continuing.
12) Press Apply to save whatever changes you've made, then press OK to leave the Preferences window.
13) Open the Parasoft menu again, this time selecting the Test Configurations option.
14) If replacing a test configuration that already exists in Team Server, then first perform a backup of that test configuration. Else, go on to step 17.
15) Open the Team folder, and then right-click the test configuration you wish to replace. Select the Export... option from the menu.
16) Browse to a backup directory of your choice, then press the Save button to export the test configuration there.
17) Right-click the User-defined folder. Select the Import... option from the menu.
18) Browse to the locally stored test configuration, select it, then press Open to add that test configuration to the User-defined folder.
19) Right-click on that test configuration, then select the Upload to Team Server option.
20) You may be prompted to overwrite the existing test configuration. Ensure that you have the test configuration backup saved before overwriting.
21) Perform steps 14 to 20 for each test configuration you wish to restore.

This process will restore your backup test configurations into Team Server, in the state that it was in during the backup.
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