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No module found for WIN32COM ERROR
Hi all,

I am currently writing a Jython code where i am needing WINCOM32 Extensible Package .I am dispatching Excel using this.

from win32com.client import Dispatch

But when i am running the code , it says the above WIN32COM module is not found.

Solution we used but not Successfull:

We installed Python 2.2.2 version and also the Extensible package of WIN32COM.

But still the same issue is happening.

Possible Reason that we think:

We somehow have to map and import this jar file and Phython in SOATest explicitly so that SOA Test starts recognising this jar file.

But somehow we are clueless as to how we should proceed.

Can anyone please pitch in and do the needfull.

Any form of help wil be much appreciated.

Jython ----- 2.2.1
Python msi---2.2.2




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    Hi Gyan,

    JAR files are included on the system class path by clicking Parasoft > Preferences, Parasoft > SOAtest > System Properties. Then clicking Add JARs.... .

    However generally modules from python or jython are used in SOAtest for use in the extension tool by specifying the jython path and home (more info on this by clicking Help > Help Contents, then navigate to Parasoft SOAtest User's Guide > Reference > Extensibility (Scripting) Basics, then navigate to the "Language Specific Tips". The current version of jython installed on SOAtest is version 2.2.1. , so in order to be consistent with this you will want to make sure that the version of jython/python that you download and use to create modules matches this. You can download 2.2.1 here:

    To enable the ability of importing your jython modues into your jython scripts in SOAtest, go to Parasoft->Preferences->Parsoft->SOAtest->Scripting. Here you will be met with the option to specify your jython Home, which is the location of where you installed your jython and where your module resides. If you have additional modules which are not accessible from jython home, than you can add them to the Jython Path. If you have them in multiple locations, then you can include multiple directories for your jython modules by typing "c:\folder1;c:\folder2". It makes no difference whether you download and use jython 2.2.1 or python 2.2.1, since jython is a java enabled version of python.


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    Thanks a lot Jon!

    As you suggested in earlier post, we have used Apache POI packages to read/write Excel sheets. This worked absolutely fine.
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    I am getting the import error for soaptest.api and com.parasoft.api
    ImportError: No module named soaptest.api

    Running this from Linux ,SOA Test 9.8 version.

    could any one guide , do i need to install python version separately, however i believe SOA test has default python which can import these modules.

    Same import works fine in Windows 9.8 SOAtest and not in Linux.

    thank you

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