Test File Size Growing

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Test files growing without significant changes
One of our team members posted the following to our team forum:

Increase in file size of the script.For instance,Cause_ServerTC.tst script's size was
58,260,864 bytes on December 2, 2010 11:56:11 AM
I am in process of making all the "Constrain request to WSDL" checked and noted the file size gone more than 60,000,000 bytes.i.e an increase of 2,000,000 bytes or 2 MB increase.(After all modifications it is 68,238,317 bytes)
Communication Type - 62,193,976 bytes (Before) 63,643,887 bytes (After)

These are tests which have only a few modifications and increase significantly in sieze. I have made the recommendation to split and reduce test size, but we need to understand what makes file size grow when tests, asserts, response saves, etc, are not being added to tests.


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    Hi Bryan ,

    Can you check what version of SOAtest the original files were saved in, and if the files are being updated and saved in a different version? Every time a new feature is added to SOAtest, the serialization is adjusted, and therefore, the file size may also be effected.

    Also, through serialization, small adjustments to a test could create a significant increase in test file size. The way XML tagging and formatting is structured in SOAtest, changes that seem minor could add several hundred lines of code. With a test file that is almost 60Mb, I'm assuming that there is already a large amount of dependency and testing being done. If the WSDL being used is adjusted, the test file itself would also be adjusted. So by including the "Constrain request to WSDL" feature to several instances of the test, the result could be a significant increase in file size.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

    Best wishes,

    Jason Mak
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    Hi Bryan,

    I just wanted to add that I just posted a new topic on the FAQ which you and your team member may find useful, its on strategies for improving SOAtest performance and reducing .tst file size in general:



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