Not able to execute Tests from Command prompt

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I tried invoking the soatestcli from the cmd but kept getting the message Error: no license to execute soatestcli.

I have the Parasoft Soatest Professional edition license. How can I use soatestcli and run my tests from the command prompt?

Thanks A lot


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    Hi Sayana,

    I'll be happy to answer your question.

    The reason you're unable to run the soatestcli executable from the command line is that the Professional Edition license doesn't include the Command Line functionality. This can be resolved by obtaining a Server Edition license through your technical account manager, whom I've asked to contact you to discuss the differences between the two license editions and to help determine the right fit for you based on your testing needs.

    Please let me know if this helps resolve your questions and concerns.

    Thank you and regards,
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