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My question is:
Can i set the tests to run at a particular time of the day and a particular number of times?

Can I change or customise the test setting ?

Thanks a lot!


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    Hi Sayana,

    The Server edition of SOAtest has a command line interface which can be run when SOAtest's GUI is not open. As a result it can be scheduled to run using popular automated build utilites such as such as Ant, Maven, and CruiseControl and windows task scheduler. Please refer to the following docs by clicking Help > Help Contents, then navigate to:

    Parasoft SOAtest User's Guide > Setup and Testing Fundamentals > Running Tests and Analysis > Testing from the Command Line Interface (soatestcli)


    Parasoft SOAtest User's Guide > SOAtest Tutorial > Automation/Iteration (Nightly Process)

    As far as customizing the test settings of the command line run, there are a couple ways to do it. First is configuring and specifying your test configuration from command line, second is using a local settings file which freezes the preference settings that you choose into a file. If you don't specify a local settings file, than the default is whatever is selected in the GUI in Parasoft > preferences. The settings in preferences can be exported to this local settings file from the "Parasoft" node. Please look at the first set of documentation for more info. For test configuration info, please go here:

    Parasoft SOAtest User's Guide > Reference > SOAtest Test Configuration Settings


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    Thanks for the help
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