Easy way to change or set Environment in SOAtest 5.3.3

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I use a "standard" environment for all our web services.
I reference this environment (.envs) in each service (.tst) and store the single file in source control.
The envs file has multiple Environment elements in it for the various development(Dev), test(CERT1,CERT2,STAGE) and production(PROD) systems.
I switch between the active env depending on the system i am testing.

It appears that only 1 env in the Environments list can be selected at a time.

Is there anyways i can set an Environment(like Cert1 or Cert2 or Stage etc) in the config file and run all the files SOAScript
accessing this Envs config file in one go?

I have around 26 SOAScript file using the same shared Envs file and it's becoming very difficult every time to go in each
and every file and change the environment.

I am using SOATest 5.3.



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    Hello Ashish,

    I'd be happy to help you with this.

    The best solution to your issue will probably be to use the SOAtest command line interface (CLI) to run your .tst files and use the "-environment" CLI option to override the active environment for a given .tst file.

    For more information on the SOAtest CLI and its options, in SOAtest, go to Help > Help Contents and look under Parasoft SOAtest User's Guide > Setup and Testing Fundamentals > Running Tests and Analysis > Testing from the Command Line Interface (soatestcli).

    Hope this helps! Please let me know if issues arise and/or if there are any additional questions...

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    Thanks Adam

    It worked.

    I also implemented same changes in the QC Script and its working.

    Thank a lot for your prompt response.


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