How to check whether load test service is running or not in linux

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Please let me know, how can I check whether parasoft load test service is running or not in a Linux machine? If it is not running how do I start the service.
If the service is started, by default will it listen in the port 8189?

Also if there is any document where I can look for these information please point me there.

Thank you!



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    Hi Chandru,

    You can check if Load Test is running by inputting the following command in your terminal: ps -ef | grep java This should get you the list of all java processes, one which should be load test. To start Load Test, go to the loadtest directory and enter ./loadtest to start up the UI. Load Test, when running regularly, has no ports since it is not a server. However, if you start it as a slave it will listen to port 8189 by default. You can also specify which port to listen to when starting up loadtest by: loadtest -loadtestserver [portnumber] where portnumber is the port on the local machine to which the server is listening. Once you are able to start up Load test, go to Help -> Documentation to find documents on Load Test information. Let me know if you have any additional questions, thanks.

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    Hi Dwight,

    Thank you very much for your input.

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