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How to install root certificate authority in SOAtest 6.x/9.x

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How to install root certificate authority in SOAtest 6.x/9.x
The SOAtest Web Root Certificate Authority certificate is required for certain functional tests on HTTPS sites. SOAtest uses this certificate to sign SSL certificates that are used by functional tests to isolate and capture web traffic when recording and testing against HTTPS sites. If you receive error message - The root certificate authority is not installed - in SOAtest, then you need to follow these manual instructions outlined below to properly install certification.

- Run following command from shell window: soatestcli -installcertificate

Couple notes to take into considerations:
(1) In SOAtest 9.x, if you installed p2 update site on Windows, it is necessary to run the soatest_install.bat script. This is installed into the eclipse directory of the Eclipse Installation into which you installed the update site.This script registers some dlls that are needed for web functional testing using Internet Explorer. It executes tasks that are normally completed by the Parasoft installers, but are not supported by the p2 update site. This script must be run as administrator.

(2) If you are still having problems with installation, make sure to run regsvr32.exe on capicom.dll
(In SOAtest 9.x, capicom.dll is located under <SOAtest Installation Directory>\SOAtest\version#\eclipse\plugins\com.parasoft.xtest.libs.web_version#\root\lib)
(In SOAtest 6.x, capicom.dll is located under <SOAtest Installation Directory>\6.x\plugins\com.parasoft.xtest.libs.web_6.x.0\root\lib)
Be aware to use 32-bit regsvr32.exe on 64-bit Windows because capicom.dll is 32-bit: see