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I have a extension tool under another extension tool.
Test 1: Extension tool
Return Value -> Extension tool
I have enabled the option 'Return value indicates success' for 'Return Value'. But irrespective of the return value the Test 1 always marked as success.

Is this a known issue?

Thank you!


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    Hi Chandru,

    You may correct. But I have done some adhoc around this, actually what's happening here is overriding the inner extension tools properties. Suppose if you have selected inner extension tool "Return value indicates success" on failure tests it returns fail only but when it comes to outer extension tool it checks the properties of outer extension tool and returns the fail or pass depend on "return value indicates success".

    So it works fine but you should select the "Return Value indicates Success" in outer extension tool also, if you have still confuse please let me know I like to help you.
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    Hi Chandru,

    If you are constantly seeing success in your Test 1 & you have selected the "Return value indicates success" option for both Extension Tools, that means the Extension Tool chained to your Test 1 is returning true. Can you try using the following script on the second Extension Tool(the one chained to Test 1) and confirm it returns false? Make sure the second Extension tool also has the "Return value indicates success" option turned on.
    //start script
    def sample(input, context):
    return 0
    //end script


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    Hi Jagath & Dwight,

    Thank you very much for your inputs.

    Yes. I have not enabled 'Return value indicates success' in the outer extension tool (Test 1: Extension tool). That is the reason it always marks it as success irrespective of the inner (Return Value -> Extension tool) return value.


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