Changing/Checking severity level of rules

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unable tochange/find the severity levels
1. I have to change the severity level of certain exisiting rules(eg. PB.SBC,OOP.AHSM, CODSTA.VDT etc). But when i right click the the rule i can not see the rule wizard option. How do I change the severity of these rules?
2. After i run the jtest, how can find out the severity level of a error reported from the errors found window?


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    Hello Billy,

    Below are the answers to your questions:

    1. : The rules that are not possible to open with RuleWizard are created with Eclipse. But there is a way to modify the severity level and it is by creating a Rule mapping file. To view the documentaion of how to do this please click on Jtest > Help. In the search field type: Rule Map.

    2.:To view the severity level you would need to open the configurations and click on the Standards tab. At the moment this is the location where you can view the severity level of the rule. Viewing the severity level in the Errors Found view is a Feature Request for Jtest version 6.0.

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    Thank you very much the response!
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