What does "Cannot create Java Virtual Machine" mean?

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Cannot create Java Virtual Machine
The "Cannot create Java Virtual Machine" error message is due to the Operating System on the machine not being able to allocate the amount of memory requested by the JVM. This is not an issue isolated to SOAtest but an issue that can be reproduced across any standalone Java application that's requesting a certain amount of memory that the OS cannot fulfill. By default SOAtest requests the JVM to allocate 896m.

A possible short-term workaround to get you moving forward is to decrease the amount of memory allocated for SOAtest. This can be accomplished by using the following Java option: -Xmx

-Xmx allows users to specify the amount of maximum memory to allocate for the Java application. To use it with SOAtest:

soatest.exe -J-Xmx512m

The above starts SOAtest with 512m of memory. Notice that it is required to append -J to the -Xmx option.

It is recommended you contact your system administrator to see why the Operating System cannot fulfill the memory allocation request.
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