Running test executable on target device

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Hello All,

I have created a simple c application and test cases for that.
Now i want to build test executable for that and run it on another machine through TCP/IP communication.

Can anyone help me out with that as I am not able to generate test executable.



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    This is a very complex operation that is far beyond the scope of this forum to explain. Please look at the tips and tricks section for generalized advice.

    Basically, the steps are:

    1/ cross-compile the c++test runtime library, (we ship the source code), for your target
    2/ configure a customer compiler configuration for your cross-compiler in c++test
    3/ build your test executable.
    4/ push unit executable onto the target
    5/ run collect test results socket channel test configuration in c++test
    6/ run your test executable on the target

    You should then be able to see the test and coverage results in c++test.

    Each of these steps requires considerable domain knowledge. Be sure to read the relevant parts of the c++test user's guide.

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