SOAP Message size it greater than allowed limit

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Where is this error coming from?
I'm trying to help a colleague run SOATest on a WCF web service operation, and for "big" responses, we are seeing this error in the SOATest client:

SOAP Message size it greater than allowed limit [SECURITY.MSGSIZE v 1.0]

This is perplexing, as the tool is actually able to get a response from the server that contains no SOAP faults. Furthermore, the response isn't very big at all - 22kb to be exact. I can't seem to Google this error message, and the the grammar/spelling mistake in it isn't working for my benefit either.

Is this a SOATest setting? Maybe a WCF setting? Or a WS-Security setting? It certainly isn't a restriction we are imposing at the server level.

Here's a screenshot for posterity.

Thanks in advance for any insight or ideas.


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    It seems that you are running a SOAP Policy enforcer on your test, and that message is coming from the policy enforcer. If you open up the configuration for those rules, you'll see that one of them is rule\SOAP\INTEROP.MGSIZE.rule. Right click > view help file will show for this rule: "This rule reports SOAP messages larger than 10240 bytes as violations to the message size restriction policy. Modify the rule with the value that fits your criteria."

    Uncheck the box next to this rule, or adjust the maximum file size, to correct this error message. As a general practice, you should review the rules you are enforcing and checking if they are applicable or if they make sense for your particular test case. Best regards,


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    Thanks Orson, that is indeed the source of the error message!
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