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Links to test file locations

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Following the paragraph "Executing Existing CppUnit Test Cases" from the C++_userguide I added test files into tests subdirectory of my project. The "Test suite file search patterns" is set to "${project_loc}/tests/*".

The problem is that files in the tests directory which are linked to somewhere else are not executed. Curretnly I created special Test Configuration for every location where the test file resides with the explicit path in search patterns.

This is very annoying for our work team because every programmer must enter different path (from his/her point of view) and have plenty of different Test Configurations.

Can you please tell me if there is a better solution for this problem ?




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    In general, you can specify multiple test-file locations by separating them with a semi-colon character (

    Also, you might want to consider using the ${resource_loc} variable, rather than project_loc if the test files are residing in a "foreign" location.

    For example: