Requirements Tracking?

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What is Requirements Tracking for?
Does anyone know that the Requirements Tracking panel is for in SOATest 6.1 Test Suites? Can you give some examples how and why to use it?




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    Gozer -

    The Requirements Tracking tab allows you to keep track of various requirements for each of your test suite's tests. Once they've been entered and you've run your test, these requirements can be accessed in the Structure report (or, if you are using Concerto / Report Center, in the Report Center as well.) You can choose a type of requirement, the ID number for that requirement, and a URL for a page describing the requirement. Once you've run the test, right click on the .tst file and choose View Structure Report > Structure. You can navigate in the resulting window to access the requirements you've entered.

    Please see the documentation for further details, in Configuring Test Suite Properties (SOAtest User's Guide > Functional/Integration Testing > End-to-End Test Scenarios). Hope this helps,

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