Record double click action in SOAtest [Pre- 9.7]

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Here are the instructions to capture double quick action in SOAtest

1) Close SOAtest if it's open
2) There are two copies of UserCusomizableOptions.js files (One for IE and one for Firefox) located under
<SOAtest Installation Directory>/plugins/com.parasoft.xtest.libs.web_VERSION#/root/browsers/ie
<SOAtest Installation Directory>/plugins/com.parasoft.xtest.libs.web_VERSION#/root/browsers/ff/extension/[email protected]/chrome/content

where VERSION# is SOAtest version number (ex: 6.2)

3) Add the following snippet at the beginning of the UserCusomizableOptions.js file

_wk_BrowserDriver.prototype.doDoubleClick = function(locator) {
var element = this.findElement(locator);
_wk_HTMLUtil.triggerMouseEvent(element, 'dblclick', true);
4) Open SOAtest
5) Record a new Web functional test and perform double click on desired element
6) When web browser recording completes, open up browser testing tool editor, go under User Action tab, select Other action from drop down menu, and type DoubleClick under Action. Configure the element locator to the element that you want to double-click on.
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