Linux: How to run SOAtest with a different JRE/JDK

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If using SOAtest 6.x/9.x (linux,solaris,windows) you can do this by passing a
"-Zjava_home" {path_to_jdk} command line argument (however SOAtest 6.2 does already ship with Java 6, SOATest 9.x ships with Java 7, and SOAtest 9.10 ships with Java 8 [edited])

*** For SOAtest 5.5.3 and earlier
1.To setup and start SOAtest, enter:

SOAtest will display a message indicating that it is being executed for the first time. Follow the instructions, if any, to configure SOAtest. SOAtest will start automatically if the setup process succeeded. A new file soatest.config will be created in the installation directory.

2. If the above failed for some reason, create the file soatest.config otherwise open the soatest.config file and have it set the JAVA and SOAtest variables. Example:
SOATEST=~/app/soatest/[SOAtest version number]

Edit these values to indicate the correct paths to your Java installation and your SOAt­est installation.
-The JAVA variable should be set to the location of the java VM executable. For example, if your JDK is installed in /usr/local/j2sdk/:
-The SOAtest variable should be set to the directory that contains the soatest script file (the SOAtest installation directory). Make soatest.config executable:
chmod u+x soatest.config

*Please note:
SOAtest currently only supports 32-bit JREs.
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