Can Quality Center display multiple responses?

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I am running a Test Suite where I have a parametrized data set running 153 test cases but only 1 Test Case setup in SOA Test. So although I am technically running 153 test cases, the results only show 1 result in Quality Center.

I was wondering if there is a way to have QC show the results for each parametrized test within the test case.





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    Hi Sarah,

    Quality Center shows its results in terms of 'test steps' - so each test step in the results will correspond to a test in the SOAtest tst file. But each step will only show you pass/fail, and some details. So when you see a test step passing in Quality Center, this means that all of the rows in your data source passed, even though you only see 1 step in Quality Center. If a failure occurs, the step that failed will have details which contains the data source row number which failed and the corresponding traffic / reason for the failure.
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