LoadTest Request depending on Hits/Minute

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I am working on Performance Test. Please help me creating below scenario in SOA test,

1) I would like to send 1 request from soa test for evey 37 seconds i.e. 1.6 request/minute
2) When I choose "Hits per minute" in vertical scale still values of the scale are remain unchanged & still showing values of "number of users"
3) Can you please clarify How I can fire 1 reuqest for every 37 sec

Note: it is mandatory to fire each request for every 37 sec irrespctive existing user in the test has completed its request or not

Information might require:
1) I have enterprise edition license of SOA test (5.5.3 Version)
2) Inspite of having enterprise edition of SOA test, I am unable to see four option in SOA test i.e. "Linear Increase", "Bell", "Steady Load"
3) I only have option as "Steady Load" with 1000 VUsers

Kaustubh K. Konkar


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    Hi Kaustubh,

    You can accomplish this by setting the Hits per Hour to about 97, then set the Begin-Begin delay to 37 seconds (for the Profile you're using).
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