Need to dynamically target multiple Hosts via CLI

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What can I use besides the -router option?
(SOAtest V6.1) I know that the -router option is deprecated for the 6.1 CLI but . . . I have a requirement that this feature and no other seems to solve.

We have a very large number of services, each service with its own .TST file. We need to run a subset of tests from each file and be able to target those tests at any one of our integration servers. The number, host name and IP addresses of these servers will change from time to time.

Environments would be an extremely awkward solution to this scenario, as we'd need to import a new environment file into hundreds of .TST files if we set up a different environment for each server's IP. (I'm assuming we'd have an Environment for each box, and set the appropriate box's environment to be active via the -environment CLI option.

I'd like to be able to use the -router CLI option, changing the IP address in the SOAP client by passing in the appropriate URI part (the IP address) Is this option the best choice? Is there any other (Non-deprecated) approach that would work?



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    Turns out (after a quick talk with Parasoft technical support -- thanks!) that a single environment file, referenced from each SOAtest project, completely addresses the problem. The single file is easy to maintain and provides the ability to retarget the tests to any server.
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