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Retrieve output from external tool

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edited December 2016 in SOAtest
If I were to use a command line external tool in SOAtest which writes its output to the DOS prompt, is there a way to capture this output (XML Data Bank, Writable Data Source, etc.) for use in a subsequent test within the same test suite? Currently, we use a similar tool that writes its output to a file and I then use some script in a method to read the contents, but it would be nice to forego these steps if possible. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi jstrom,

    Yes, the output from an External Tool is any information sent to stdout from the external program. In the External Tool settings, make sure that Keep Output is checked. Then, chaining a tool to the External Tool will send the stdout data to the chained tool. For example, if the external program printed out XML, then you could chain an XML Data Bank to the External Tool and store values directly (or into a writable data source if you like).

    I have attached a simple example which uses a chained Method Tool to write the "dir" output to the Messages Window (created with 5.5.3 SP1, but should open in anything newer also).
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    Works like a charm, thanks!