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Not able to load WSDL URI in soatest

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edited December 2016 in SOAtest
Hi all,

I am using soatest 5.5.2.The problem i am facing is when i load any WSDL URI it is not loading at all and i am not getting any error.when i click on finish it is hanging there itself.I tried running it from command prompt it got an error.Please refer the attachment for the error message.

I am using this WSDL :

Help me out guys,




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    Hi Shiva,

    It sounds like your machine might be unable to access those resources on the Internet - specifically, the WSDLs and the SOAtest update site ( Are you able to browse to these URLs in your browser?

    The error message that you attached is probably a result of being unable to load the update site page.


    - Brian McGlauflin
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    edited December 2016

    What about when you are on a closed network and don't have a connection to the Internet? Any way to work around this?
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    If you don't have an Internet connection, then those files would need to be saved to the local machine. In particular, the WSDLs, Schemas, etc.

    For updates, you would need to download the manual installation files from another machine, and copy / install those files manually.