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Response is not displayed in XML form

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edited December 2016 in SOAtest
Hi All

I am sending a request to get the item details from Database in the schema the item element is defined as string
so when the request go to service for get item based on the input fields the service will get all items details from database
when i am using Soapui to test i am getting right format, but with SOA test i am not getting in right format

see the attached file for details

Please Advise


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    LegacyForum Posts: 1,664 ✭✭
    edited December 2016

    I just e-mailed you back with a response. I thought I'd update this forum post as well for any body who's interested.

    I took your SOAP UI response as-is, where the XML fragment inside the CDATA is not encoded, and used SOAtest to send it to one of our echo servlets (the servlet responds back with the same exact content that it received). I'm getting the response back just the way I sent it. In other words the response I see in the traffic viewer is the same as SOAP ui. This proves SOAtest does not modify the way the SOAP response. That leads me to believe that your service is sending the SOAP response with the XML fragment encoded just like we see in SOAtest. This leads me to believe that SOAP ui is actually modifying the SOAP response you get back from your service.

    If this is desired for you; the tool should automatically decode the encoded XML Fragment, it is actually possible to do so in SOAtest. The difference is that SOAtest does not do this automatically, it allows the user the freedom of doing it if the user wishes to do it.

    It can be done by attaching an XML Transformer. I'm attaching a demo project that proves what I've mentioned above. FYI, the project is created with SOAtest 5.5.3 SP 1.0

    Hope that helps.