Slave machine giving "Foreign SOAtest is busy" message

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Version: 5.5.3 (Build date: November 18, 2008)
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GRS enabled, Server enabled
1000 Virtual Users
Java Version: 1.5.0_11

I have slave machine defined for the load test with the same SOA test version of load server on Solaris 10 zone. It was working today morning and I was able to run a load test on it. After sitting idle for a few hours today, I tried that box again and its giving me "Foreign SOAtest is busy" message on Machines->Machine name->verify button. What does it mean?


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    This means that the slave machine is currently running a test. It could be that the foreign machine was actually running a test when you checked it, or it could be that it started a test which never finished. You might try re-starting the SOAtest service on the remote machine if it appears that the machine is not actually running the test.
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