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Environment reference does not work on slave machines during LoadTest

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edited December 2016 in Load Test
Version: 5.5.3 (Build date: November 18, 2008)
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GRS enabled, Server enabled
1000 Virtual Users
Java Version: 1.5.0_11

We are using environment file reference rather than importing environment in our tst project. When we run load tests on remote machines, we get error of can't read environment property from all the tests that run on the remote machine. This seems to work when we remove the environment reference and instead replace it with imported environment. Is it a known issue?


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    LegacyForum Posts: 1,664 ✭✭
    This can be solved by copying the environment files to the remote machine which you are using as a slave. When you synchronize the slave machines, only the version (including SP version) is verified / synchronized - not the files your test is dependent upon.