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How to validate the value in the database

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Mentioning the scenarios, faced in our application :
1.The first step is to send a SOAP request to a particular server and getting the Response (here the input is an email id )
2.Search User step to find whether the user exists ( this is another SOAP request sent to the server)
3.Then to validate the same we are connecting to Oracle database and validating the Email id which was added in the Step1

Please send me the steps to validate the value in the database.


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    To accomplish this, you can use our DB tool. The DB tool allows you to query a SQL statement that returns result set with e-mail ids. The result set is formatted (by SOAtest) into XML. You can then use a number of our XML supported validation tools to verify the e-mail id is in the data base

    In essence I imagine your test suite would look like the following,

    Test Suite: Test Suite
    Test Suite: Validate value in Database
    Test 1: SOAP Client - Request 1
    XML Data Bank - Capture Response value
    Test 2: SOAP Client - Request 2
    Test 3: DB tool - Query for e-mail ID

    *Validation - any of our validation tools such as: Diff tool, XML Assertor, Method tool (scripting). Please refer to the following section of our documentation for more details: Available SOAtest Tools > Validation Tools